How to use used presents papers?(tutorial+tag)


Do you also have hidden used presents papers that you don’t want to through away? I definitely have 😉 Today I will show you how to used them as a element of a card.

So just prepare:

-piece of paper(I used 160gsm)


-PVA glue


-chalk paint(acrylic or latex works well too)

-used presents paper


1.Tear up paper to a smaller pieces(you can also crumble it which gives extra texture) and glue them to a paper. If you like game Tetris this task is for you 😉  Don’t forget about the edges of overlapping pieces.


2.Cut hanging out pieces.


3.Leave it to dry(you can use a heat tool)


4.Paint a whole sheet using a dry brush technique but  leave some unpainted spots


5.When it dries you can use it as a background or cut it with a scissors or dies


Instead of paper for packing presents you can also use a silver lined paper from chocolate(crumbled and glued this way will give a nice texture).

I, of course, couldn’t stop myself from use my leaves straight away in a tag:

My project have handmade flower, pieces of ribbons and fabrics. Star it’s actually cutted in half styrofoam form and pasted with a silver from a Ferrero Rocher :p

My tag goes to Manuna challenge:


I’m also sending it to Craft Passion Bingo challenge- I’m using diagonal line- TWIGS/LEAVES-FLOWERS-LAYERS:


i would like to take a part in Zielone Koty challenge:





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