Wedding in blues

Hi, today I have a card which I made for my friends wedding 🙂

I used two paper collections from the UHK Gallery – “Aquarius” and “Celebrations”. Here we have a laces, handmade foamiran and paper flowers, heat embossed on vellum leaves, die cutted elements, tulle, chipboard frame from the Filigranki, yarn, and hand drawn leaves.


I’m sending my card for the UHK Gallery  “New beginning” challenge. Because wedding is a new beginning  😉  :


Project is going to the ScraAndMe for they challenge:


I also want to take a part in the Scrap Magia challenge:




2 thoughts on “Wedding in blues

  1. Елена Павловна мамедова says:

    Элегантно и просто и столь же восхительно. Спасибо от СкрапМагии.

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